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The research for important detail and the conjuring up of magical atmospheres, exalt the unique art of Dino Cappelletti, a photographer who lives and works in Grottammare where he was born in 1962.

Since 1984 he has been a professional photographer and co-owner with his wife Laura Venditti of the Immagine Foto Studio, a prestigious photographic studio specialized in social photography and portraits.

A natural predisposition for painting displayed at an early age, a love of the figurative arts together with a remarkable aesthetic sense, have strongly influenced his work.
Purely self-taught, he has perfected his style by studying a great deal, photographing non-stop and learning how to correct his own mistakes. He incessantly participates at training courses and educational workshops, adding a high professionalism to his natural talent.
In addition Dino Cappelletti is a perfectionist, capable of studying places and situations for hours, returning several times to the same place to seize the right moment and capture the right light. His talent, strong professionalism and thoroughness regarding research emerge both in his romantic wedding services, which are always set in different environments and are never repetitive, as well as in the images of the landscapes and settings.
He rose to international fame for his special photographic services, not to mention his wonderful travel reportages, landscape photographs and research. Also his large photographic archive, that he jealously guards in his studio, is particularly interesting and is used by public and private organizations for furnishing small and large environments; as well as his collection of vintage photos. In his portraits he succeeds in capturing the maximum expressiveness and the characters of the people portrayed, like a painter with his models.
Not at all jealous of his art, whenever he can, he offers his professional expertise to young professionals during his photography courses, seminars and photographic excursions

Since 1991 he has been engaged in carrying out meetings aimed at professional photographers, both as organizer and teacher; he is also extremely committed to the realization of photographic exhibitions and the publication of books and catalogues.


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